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Everyone is entitled to happiness

Are you struggling with worry, preoccupation, or obsessiveness? Is it hard to get moving, complete tasks, pay attention? Have you lost interest in people and things? Is your teenager or adult child struggling with life, school, social, or behavioral difficulties?

It is important to remember that there are some things and people that add to our life and those that take away from it.  The goal is to recognize what people and situations are assets, liabilities, or are neutral.  Once we can view our life from a realistic perspective, we can learn how to cope with the challenges, identify patterns and learn to live our lives in spite of them.  

In my 22 year career, I've helped countless teenagers, young adults, adults, and veterans turn their wants, goals, and challenges into positive, lifelong changes.  Healthy relationships add to or neutralize our lives, while unhealthy relationships need to be recognized for what they are. 
Take the time to invest in your mental health.  You deserve to be happy!

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Through cognitive-behavior therapy, insight oriented therapy and other empirically-based treatment methods, Dr. Neary will help you to learn ways to cope with stress, manage difficulties, find balance in your life, and reduce anxiety and stress.

Treatment for Adolescents and Adults

Attention Deficit Disorder Disorder



School Related Problems

Career Choices/Difficulties

Mood difficulties

Social Difficulties
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Diagnostic Evaluations

Dr. Neary has 30 years of expertise in psychological assessment and designing interventions for school age, college age, and adult students.  
Are you looking for an evaluation for school, college, or college board.  Do you need a diagnostic assessment, a psychological or psychoeducational evaluation for the Committee on Special Education, 504, or College Board; SAT/ACT/LSAT/MCAT?
Don't let learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, an IEP or other challenges hold you back from achieving your goals.  


Educational Consultation


Dr. Neary has three decades of experience in public education as a certified school psychologist.  Her expertise in understanding the academic and educational needs of children, adolescents, and college students can help you to coordinate your child's school services, understand their developmental and educational needs, and help them be more prepared for a successful school experience and future.   
Do you need help understanding your child's educational needs or pathway?  Do you understand their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and the services that are most appropriate for them? Is their 504 Accommodation Plan written appropriately?  Do you have questions that you want answered by an independent expert?

Clinical Supervision

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Licensure Hours

All psychologist, social workers, and mental health counselors need clinical supervision hours for licensure, certification, or advanced credentialing.  If you are looking for individual or group clinical supervision opportunities, reach out for more information.  Virtual and in person support is provided.  


Professional Growth

As mental health practitioners, all of us need to grow and expand our skills.  Are you looking for supervision with cognitive-behavior therapy, psychological assessment, or the treatment of various mood, behavioral, or educational disorders? When we change positions or populations, it is a good time to refine our skills and seek support from others.


Starting a Practice

Are you a mental health provider looking to start or grow your practice? Are you overwhelmed by forms, insurance companies, billing, scheduling, malpractice, finances, etc?  Dr Neary provides clinical and professional supervision to start and expand your practice.  Be protactive; don't delay the opening of your practice or make costly mistakes.  

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